Tuesday, April 8, 2008

How Women Respond To Various Personality Types

I believe that Women are programmed from birth by their genes, as well as by society to respond UNCONSCIOUSLY to two different types of men that fit their mental pictures.

In psychology, the term 'archetype' is used to describe a mental structure that operates on an unconscious level. I'm going to use the term 'personality types' here to describe this concept.

In a nutshell:
* I believe that women respond automatically to certain men and that most of this response is based on the man's personality, communication, achievements, etc. - not his looks (don't get me wrong. Looks are important. But they're not nearly as important in the long run as personality).
* Women are usually not consciously aware of why they react to these Personality Types.
* There are also several 'unsuccessful' personality types. By unsuccessful, I mean that these types are not attractive to most women. (If you're one of these, don't take it personally. Try
something different.)

Someone who's dangerous and thrilling to be around. Bad boys are everything from gangsters to bikers to some rock and roll musicians. These guys are usually tough, dress tough, and act tough as often as possible. They drink, smoke, get tattoos, and generally demonstrate in every way possible that they're from the wrong side of the tracks, and your mother would not approve. A lot of these guys wind up beating their girlfriends and spending time in jail.

There is an addictive emotional rush being around a guy that could literally do ANYTHING. Anyway, I wouldn't recommend being the extreme version of this one. You can get a tattoo and buy a Harley and act all bad, but it's really not making to you a better person. I have to mention that this personality type is the one that women are most MAGNETICALLY attracted to. Again, this is because of the addictive rush that comes from being around them.

Someone who's fun and exciting to be around. The Adventurer is constantly looking for the next fun experience. Adventurers love to go surfing, skiing, racing, bungee-jumping, and skydiving. Think James Bond. They are fearless. Instead of being bad to get thrills, they usually like to do crazy things to get thrills. Their appeal is much the same as the Bad Boy, except that these guys don't usually wind up beating their women. Women like to be around them because they drive fast, go interesting places, and generally have a sense of 'adventure' about everything they do.

They have the attitude of "What adventure is waiting around the next corner" - even if they're just going out to lunch. Women are attracted to them because they are a kick to be around - and they often have more than one woman at a time. And women totally accept this from them. Women usually understand on an unconscious level that this is the type of guy that loves more than one woman. They have extreme optimism, which women LOVE. Again, Adventurers are usually in control in relationships, and can never be tamed. Most of the Adventurers types are known to cheat on their girlfriends.

Someone who is sensual and sexy and makes her feel the same. Seducers are all about women. They understand women completely. As a matter of fact, I sometimes think that maybe they were women in past lives or something. To most men, a Seducer seems bizarre, and even slightly homosexual. They do things that are pretty far out. Watch the movie 'Don Juan DeMarco' with Johnny Depp. This movie is the epitome of the Seducer. Don Juan can only see the world through his romantic perspective, which is magnetic to women. Seducers are usually submissive, as they are constantly pleasing the woman, and paying careful attention to her needs.

The flip side is that as soon as they have gotten what they want from a woman, they're gone. Sure, they may come back for romantic evenings, but they are not often around for the long term.

THE ARTIST (Musician, Poet)
Someone who moves her emotions and is enigmatic and complex. Why do women love guys who have complex, introverted personalities? I believe that the answer lies inside the psyche of women. Women like to have challenges, and they like to help people. The Artist personality is both complex and in need of help and understanding.Most Artists see the world much differently than other people. They look at tree and see a giant feather duster, or they see a color and can taste it.

Women can usually understand the Artist's expressions better than other men can. And they are usually very attracted to these personalities for this very reason. The Artist needs someone to understand them, and there's always a woman who needs someone to be understood. Most Artists are not in control of the woman in their lives, because they're not in control of THEMSELVES. They are usually disorganized, and completely unaware of time, etc.

Someone who provides a great lifestyle and stability. The successful guy brings money and stability to the table. Most women are trying to find one of these guys to marry them. The way to demonstrate that you're a Successful Guy is to drive a nice car, live in a nice house, take her to nice dinners, and buy her gifts.

Women love them because they represent the ultimate goal of most women: Stability. Most wives would rather have a stable Rs 30, 000 a month income than have an unpredictable income of Rs 10 lac a year - spread out over 12 months with no guarantee of when in the year they'll get

So Mr. Successful Guy gives them that 'Security Blanket.' Buy yourself a copy of 'The Rules' - the one that's written for women. This is the type of guy that they're teaching women to trap. So beware! ;)

Someone who tells her what to do and controls her. Some women are very attracted to controlling men who treat them like little girls. Some women take this to an extreme and date men much older than them.

I don't know if this is an accurate observation, but a lot of really attractive, powerful women are attracted to men who control them and treat them like little girls. My opinion is that some women resent men who bow down to them, and have no respect for them.

If you're interested in learning more about this mindset, read the book 'Screw The Roses, Send Me The Thorns' by Philip Miller. The first 50 or 60 pages are a very interesting discussion of dominance and submission.

The following 2 personality types are not so appealing to women and at times they can act as a 'women repelent'.

Someone who is down to earth, loyal and stable. The Regular Guys in the world don't get enough credit in my opinion. The fact is, most Regular Guys wind up in long term relationships with women that are like them - regular.

Regular guys work hard, run household errands and watch a lot of TV. They may start out being fun and adventurous when they're younger, but they usually settle into a more boring life. I'm sure you know a bunch of regular guys. They're married with 2.3 kids and a rectangular 3 bedroom, 2 bath house in a subdivision.

Regular Guys may start out in control of a relationship, but in almost EVERY case, the woman eventually takes control. The women starts nagging, telling him what to do, etc.

Someone who gives her whatever she wants. Ass Kissing Guy is my favorite! Ass Kissing Guy follows his woman around saying "OK dear, whatever you want" and "I'm sorry" and "What's wrong sweetie?"

Ass Kissing Guy likes to use submissive body language, not look people in the eye, and act passive aggressive. Women who are dominant and controlling like to have an Ass Kissing
Guy around as a boyfriend for awhile - sometimes they even marry them. But it's not a happy life, and I wouldn't recommend it.

Now, let me ask you a quesion:

Which one most closely described you? Or which one would you like to work towards?

The best you can do is take all good things from each personality type and shape up your own unique personality. Stay tuned to know exactly how you can develop a personality that instantaneously makes you appear attractive to women.



PS: This excerpt is an edited version from a David De Angelo's book, who is a renowned dating guru himself.


Sumantics said...

Now I have a question for you:

Which category do YOU belong to?

Bolo bolo :P.

Attraction Guru said...

Category C - where C stands for Chameleon ;)

Candace said...

Good words.